news Array

For each News Element will be also one independent Page build, in Context of root Page Template

Subvariable Meaning
IDOBJECT Idobject identifier of News Element
Title Title of News Element
Description Annotation of News Element
Content Content of News Element
DATEUPDATE Date of last Element Change (YYYY-mm-dd)
Date of News Element Creation (YYYY-mm-dd)
prev_IDOBJECT Idobject identifier of previous News Element on the Page, empty if none
next_IDOBJECT Idobject identifier of next News Element on the Page, empty if none
root_IDOBJECT Idobject identifier of Element's Parent Page
root_Title Title of Element's Parent Page
root_Description Short Description  of Element's Parent Page
root_Content Content of Element's Parent Page
root_ExternLink Externlink of Element's Parent Page


  1.                <a name="home"></a>
  2.                 <h4><TMPL_var page_Title></h4>
  3.                 <TMPL_var page_Description><br>
  4.                 <TMPL_if IllustrImageSrc><img src="<TMPL_var IllustrImageSrc>" alt="<TMPL_var IllustrImageTitle>" border="0"></TMPL_if>
  5.                 <TMPL_var page_Content>
  6.                 <TMPL_loop __CONTEXT_VARS__ news>
  7.                 <br><b><TMPL_var Title></b><br>
  8.                 <TMPL_var Description>
  9.                 <TMPL_if Content>
  10.                 <a href="<TMPL_var IDOBJECT>.html" >More&gt;&gt;</a>
  11.                 </TMPL_if>
  12.                 <TMPL_unless __LAST__>
  13.                 <a href="#home"><img src="img/unterstrich_home.gif" border="0" height="15" width="416"></a><br>
  14.                 </TMPL_unless>
  15.                 </TMPL_loop>